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89113 Endocrinologist

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Endocrine Care in 89113

89113 Endocrinologist
89113 Endocrinologist

Endocrine care covers a wider area than most people are aware of. And here at The DOCS, we’re your specialists when it comes to concerns as varied as diabetes, obesity, menopause, fatigue, early menopause, and infertility, among others.

Both type one and type two diabetes can lead to serious consequences for your health. And while it seems easy enough to dispense the advice to get your blood sugar under control, doing so can prove to be more challenging. Consult with our 89113 endocrinologist for essential diabetes care that includes help with diet and exercise recommendations, as well as medication. With expert management on your side, you can live with diabetes and still enjoy a high degree of wellness. It may come as no surprise to learn that obesity rates are increasing. There is no doubt that when you are obese, the demands placed on your body’s organs, systems, and joints is much greater. There is a link between obesity and risk for diabetes, too. It is unfortunate that some doctors take the approach of just dismissively telling you to eat less and be more active. That is way to simplistic. The real solutions are more complicated and that’s where our 89113 endocrinologist comes in. Our office had non-surgical methods available to assist with weight loss. Among them are prescription medication to control your appetite, one-on-one education and counseling, and diet and exercise programs individualized just for your specific needs.

We can also work with you for many other diseases, conditions, and issues that are either a direct result of problems with your endocrine system or associated with it in some way. Symptoms as diverse as irregular periods, fatigue, chills, hair loss, and delayed sexual development can all be linked to endocrinology.

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